Discover the Treasures of Nispero

Discover the Treasures of Nispero

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While the loquat tree is best known for its sweet fruit, the Nispero leaves also offer incredible health benefits. Traditionally used in Chinese medicine, modern research shows Nispero leaves contain powerful compounds that support wellness in various ways.

Understanding Nispero Leaves

The Nispero, also called the loquat or Japanese medlar, is an ornamental evergreen flowering tree with bold green leaves. Native to China, it has been grown for its fruit and foliage for over a thousand years. The large, serrated, dark green leaves grow in thick clusters along graceful stems. Nispero trees produce fragrant white blossoms in early spring, and then the sweet downy fruit ripens to a yellow-orange hue in summer.

While Nispero is valued for its succulent fruit, the leaves also contain beneficial plant compounds. The leathery leaves can be dried or used fresh to make medicinal extracts and supplements. Modern science is now confirming the traditional Chinese wisdom regarding Nispero leaves' ability to treat illness and keep the body strong. Beyond the fruit treasures, the leaves impart their own wellness virtues.

Nispero Leaves for Health

In traditional Chinese medicine, practitioners have long used Nispero leaf extracts to treat respiratory illnesses, inflammation, diabetes, and other ailments. The leaves provide antioxidants, flavonoids, triterpenes, and sesquiterpenes that combat disease on a cellular level.

Disease Prevention

Nispero leaves are packed with antioxidants that protect cells from damage caused by oxidation and free radicals. Their strong capacity to boost immunity makes them effective at fighting infections.

Cancer Prevention

Early studies reveal that Nispero leaves have anti-tumor effects that suppress cancer cell growth. Their antioxidants prevent mutations that can lead to cancer development. More research is still needed, but findings thus far show promising cancer-fighting potential.


The compounds in Nispero leaves demonstrate anti-inflammatory activity in cellular studies. For conditions like asthma, bronchitis, swelling, and chronic pain caused by inflammation, Nispero leaves may provide relief by calming the body’s overactive immune response.

Diabetes Management

Extracts of Nispero leaves have effectively lowered blood sugar levels and boosted insulin production in diabetic animal test subjects. This evidence supports the traditional use of the leaves to stabilize blood sugar in humans.

How to Purchase Nispero

Evergreen Herbs provides premium-grade herbs in a variety of forms and quantities to suit your needs. We also offer bulk discounts on Nispero when you purchase 10 lbs or more. And as always, our wildcrafted herbs are examined by a 3rd party-certified laboratory to ensure the highest quality.

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