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Nispero (Loquat Leaves)
Nispero (Loquat Leaves)
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Nispero (8 oz.)

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Botanical Name: Eriobotrya japonica

Common Names: loquat, Japanese medlar, Japanese plum, Chinese plum

What parts of nispero are used?

Both the fruit and the leaves of this plant.

How do you identify nispero and where is it grown?

Nispero, or loquat, is a species of flowering plant native to Japan and China. It is a large evergreen shrub— or small tree—often used ornamentally, or grown for its small yellow fruit. The fruit grows in clusters. They are the size of large olives and are covered in yellow, downy skin. This citrus fruit, which has been cultivated in Japan for thousands of years, has a sweet and sour taste, many detecting peachy or mango flavors.

It was introduced to the Valencia thousands of years ago as well and thrives in the warm, coastal areas of the Meditteranean. Harvested in April through May, it flowers with beautiful, white fragrant flowers, a lovely addition to any well-tended yard or garden.