Discover the Power of Alkaline Herbs

Discover the Power of Alkaline Herbs

Jan 24, 2024jaime moyano

Herbs provide more than just flavor - they offer health benefits that support overall well-being. Certain alkaline herbs stimulate kidney function to flush out acidic compounds, aid digestion, provide antioxidants, and promote acid-base balance in the body. An acidic pH environment creates inflammation and negatively impacts health over time. Alkaline herbs counter this acidity through their rich mineral content and ability to support critical bodily processes.

What is Alkaline?

Alkaline refers to a state where the pH level is above 7, indicating a basic and non-acidic condition. In contrast, an acidic environment has a pH below 7. The human body functions best when blood and tissues maintain a slightly alkaline pH of 7.35-7.45. An acidic pH creates an internal environment where inflammation; oxidative stress, and chronic diseases can thrive. Adopting an alkaline lifestyle supports overall health by promoting proper pH balance through antioxidant-rich, mineral-dense, plant-based whole foods. An alkaline diet supplies bicarbonates and other alkaline-forming nutrients to buffer acids and facilitate toxin and waste elimination. Keeping acid production low and alkaline reserves high is crucial for maintaining homeostasis, immunity, energy levels, bone density, muscle function, and longevity.

Specific alkaline herbs like sea moss, burdock root, dandelion root, cocolmeca, and ashwagandha help remove acids, improve digestion and immunity, reduce oxidative cell damage from free radicals, and more. By incorporating these types of alkaline herbs, individuals can stimulate kidney function for better acid excretion, bring the body’s pH into balance, reduce inflammation, and boost overall health outcomes. The phytochemicals in these plants provide support where an acidic diet or lifestyle may fall short. Beyond flavor, alkaline herbs deliver key minerals and compounds that benefit wellness from the inside out.

Evergreens Featured Alkaline Herbs

Sea Moss

Sea moss is a nutrient-dense seaweed that contains minerals like potassium, iodine, and sulfur. It supports thyroid and immune health, aids digestion, and alkalizes the body. Enjoy it in drinks, smoothies, or supplements.

Burdock Root

The long, brown burdock root contains insulin and antioxidants like quercetin. It eliminates toxins, balances blood sugar, improves gut health, and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Dandelion Root

This nutrient-packed weed acts as a natural diuretic to flush fluids and toxins. It helps balance blood pressure, purify blood, improve immunity, combat inflammation, and regulate blood sugar.


Also called stone breaker, this Ayurvedic herb alkalizes the body, promotes kidney health to prevent kidney stones, and reduces inflammation.


This adaptogenic herb contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. It regulates cortisol, eases anxiety and stress, boosts brain function, balances blood sugar levels, and may combat cancer cell growth.

How to Enjoy Alkaline Herbs

  • Herbal Teas: Infuse herbs like dandelion, burdock, or cocolmeca in hot water for tonics
  • Capsules: Convenient way to get alkaline herbs daily
  • Culinary Uses: Add powders to soups, stews, dressings, smoothies and more

Incorporating these alkaline herbs into your daily routine provides a simple yet impactful way to harness their healing potential. Compounds like antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and essential nutrients work synergistically to balance your body’s pH, remove toxins, support healthy organ function, regulate hormones, boost immunity, and more. Drinking herbal teas, taking supplements, or cooking with powders makes it easy to reap the benefits of alkaline herbs. With sustained use, you’ll notice improvements in energy, digestion, skin health, mental clarity, and an overall sense of vitality. Allow these gifts of the earth to transform your health and embrace the power of alkaline herbs today!

How to Purchase Alkaline Herbs

Evergreen Herbs provides premium-grade Alkaline Herbs in a variety of forms and quantities to suit your needs. We encourage you to take advantage of significant savings with our Bulk Buy program. As always, all our herbs are wildcrafted and examined by a 3rd party-certified laboratory to ensure the highest quality.


Irish Sea Moss Flakes - 4 oz.
Irish Sea Moss Powder - 4 oz.
Burdock Root - 8 oz.
Burdock Root Capsules - 90 Capsules - 450 mg
Burdock Root Tea Bags - Quantity 20 Bags (2g per bag)            
 Dandelion Root - 8 oz. (Cut & Sift)                                                
Ashwagandha - 8oz.   
Cocolmeca Powder - 10 lbs.   
Cocolmeca Capsules - 90 Capsules - 450 mg
Cocolmeca Tea Bags - Quantity 20 Bags (2g per bag)

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