About Us

We’ve been a family business since 1993.

Marco Moyano Sr. was born in Puebla, Mexico and was one of seven children. In his early thirties, Marco embarked on a new chapter, moving to America. He took a job as a mailman, delivering newspapers on the early morning shift - an experience that immersed him in the English language and American culture.

Years later, a friend mentioned to Marco a job opening at a local herb manufacturer. Marco seized the opportunity. He was hired and quickly advanced through the ranks to become the warehouse manager. In this role, Marco gained knowledge of herbal processing, quality control standards, and the paramount importance of customer-centric service.

After a decade in the industry, Marco decided to break out on his own and establish Evergreen Herbs. Drawing from his roots and his well-honed expertise, he set out to create a company that embodied his values and commitment to holistic health.

We believe quality comes first

It’s both our motto and our customer commitment. All of our imported herbs go through a rigorous quality control and testing process. This ensures that we only sell the freshest, highest quality herbs possible.

We embrace herbs with a holistic appreciation

We want to be transparent about our we grow our herbs so you can feel confident with your purchase. All of our herbs are organic — free from pesticides and herbicides, grown and picked from private fields in Mexico. We also carry a selection of wildcrafted herbs.

We want our herbs to be accessible

We pride ourselves on carrying a wide variety of rare and hard-to-find herbs at affordable prices. Think of us as the family-owned herb shop your grandmother would have frequented – we are here to help you find what you need!