For over 30 years, we have been providing businesses with the essential herbs they need at unbeatable prices.

Wholesale Benefits

Pricing Discounts

Experience significant savings with our wholesale pricing. You'll get the very same premium products you love, while paying significantly less per ounce than our retail prices.
Quality comes first, and that means you need to know where your herbs are grown. Most of our herbs are wildcrafted, grown in private Mexican fields. We send all herbs to a 3rd party certified lab for testing. Please contact us if you wish to see the certificate of analysis.

Packaging Options

Our bulk products are shipped in a single bag. However, if you prefer, you can request smaller individual packaging.

Special Orders

Do you need a custom product or white labeling services? Our team is happy to discuss your project requirements and explore solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Blending Services

We offer custom in-house blending services for orders over 200 lb. Join hundreds of others that trust us with both the quality and consistency of their proprietary recipes, seasonings, spices, and tea. Our custom blending services are truly adaptable, we can blend powders, teas, capsules or raw herbs. 

Product Opportunities

The Evergreen Herbs branded product line is available to be sold in retail and grocery stores. If you're interested in carrying Evergreen Herbs products at your establishment, please call to discuss further details.

Bulk vs Wholesale

What's the difference?