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The Benefits of Muicle (Honeysuckle)

Jun 01, 2020Sanjana George

Justicia Spicigera, also known as Muicle or the Mexican Honeysuckle, is a beautiful herb which has lovely orange or red tubular shaped flowers that add a tropical look to any garden. This plant which also goes by the name of the ‘Desert Honeysuckle’ or the ‘Firecracker Plant’ is one of those rare herbs which can withstand intense heat and grow well even with minimum water supply.

Native to Mexico, Central and South America, this powerful Mexican herb has always been a part of Hispanic culture. Many centuries ago, it was found that the leaves of the Muicle when boiled, first turned black and then later took on a deep shade of dark blue. Artists and painters once used extracts derived from this plant to make dye, which was then used as a means for creative expression. The indigo dye was made from the Mexican honeysuckle was used to add color to clothes, paintings, baskets, weaves, and other handmade crafts. Wise men, who often treated ailments, also relied on this attractive herb to treat a number of physical ailments ranging from dysentery to diabetes and other health disorders.

Healing Powers

Even today, the magical properties of the bark, flowers, leaves and fruit that make the Mexican Honeysuckle herb so invaluable are still being studied thoroughly. This plant is often used as a combination with other herb extracts to treat headaches, enhance blood circulation, pep up the digestive system, treat infections of the reproductive system, purify the blood naturally and to increase red blood cell count. When used with another natural extract called sarsaparilla, Muicle can also treat heart disorders very effectively. Let’s take a closer look at how this wonder herb is used in different ways all over the world:

Gonorrhea Buster

Gonorrhea which is a dreaded sexually transmitted disease is caused by a bacteria called Neisseria gonorrhoeae that has been proven to multiply easily in various parts of the reproductive system such as in the cervix, the uterus and in a woman’s fallopian tubes. In men, this bacteria multiplies uninhibitedly in the urethra. There are many cases of gonorrhoea which are diagnosed in the States alone each year and yet there are many which are mistakenly diagnosed as urinary infections as well. When Muicle was tested on different strands of the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria, it was found that the extract inhibited the bacteria growth.

Get Rid of That Cough

We all know that a nagging cough can be highly irritating to put up with and often it feels like no matter how much one tries, getting rid of the mucus poses an impossible challenge altogether. On the other hand, the attractive flowers of the Muicle are great for treating such coughing spells, pneumonia, common cold, and influenza and even speed up recovery from mild bouts of asthma. Syrups that are made from these flowers become even more effective when used in combination with other flowers like cowslip and mulberry. Besides, even the Aztecs knew of the honeysuckle’s powers to treat chest infections!

Hello Good Breath

If you have tried almost all over the counter products available to get rid of bad breath, then all you need is Mother Nature’s astringent which we can bet, works twice as effectively. That’s right, the Muicle herb has natural anti-bacterial properties that make it much sought after for its ability to cleanse the mouth of germs easily. In fact, herb enthusiasts say that a natural mouthwash can be prepared by simply boiling the leaves. Need to gargle before bed? Use this natural mouthwash once and you’ll love the cool relief you feel in your throat afterwards. If you suffer from mouth sores or other oral concerns, you will find that the leaves help in treating such infections faster.

Boosts The Digestive System

We often forget that the liver which is also known as the in-house kitchen of the body needs to be completely detoxed every now and then. Mexican honeysuckle takes care of any liver ailments and helps to cleanse the liver of all toxins. Feeling bloated at that time of the month? A cup of home-made honeysuckle tea will get rid of any bloating and constipation. If you find yourself belching non-stop after eating a heavy meal, you’ll find that Mexican Honeysuckle tea works wonders in clearing up any acidity and intestinal gas issues. We suggest adding a dash of green tea leaves to the mix when brewing a fresh cup. Muicle is also a highly effective treatment for diarrhea which can make the body very dehydrated and is also a good remedy for mild food poisoning.

Healthy Happy Kidneys

Getting rid of a single kidney stone can be really painful and although there are plenty of good effective treatments available, you can reduce the chances of ever having to suffer this painful experience simply by taking some preventive action beforehand. In this case, that would be including Muicle in your diet. This plant acts as a powerful diuretic and helps to reduce the possibility of kidney stone formation which are caused by urate crystals deposits in the kidneys. Moreover, this herb is very useful in treating any inflammation of the urinary tract and helps weakened kidneys recover faster, too.

Get a Grip On Diabetes

It is a fact that diabetes is the 5th ranking cause of death in America, with Type 2 diabetes often going undiagnosed. When tests were conducted on mice a few years back, it was found that the Muicle plant helped to reduce hypoglycemia in the blood and the results were quite favorable when compared side-by-side to other drugs that are used for treating Type 2 diabetes. Besides helping to maintain regular blood sugar levels, Muicle benefits may even include helping people who are at risk of contracting diabetes to stay healthy for longer. The Mexican Honeysuckle can be considered a safe supplement to therapy for diabetic patients.

Goodbye Arthritis

Senior people who have suffered from arthritis or who take daily medication for it know just how painful it can actually be. Besides, making simple activities next to impossible to undertake, the swelling up of joints makes overall body movement very difficult. The Muicle plant has proven to be very effective in treating such unnatural swellings and joint inflammation in the body. In fact, the leaves and flowers of this plant are very mild and work slowly and gently on the body. Regular intake of this miraculous plant extract helps to keep boils, swellings, rheumatism and other joint associated aches away.

Cancer Fighter

It’s a well-known fact that Muicle is very rich in antioxidant properties and its cancer fighting abilities are slowly being acknowledged as well. Since this herb has inherent flavonoids like luteolin which have been proven to slow down the rate at which malignant tumors grow, Mexican Honeysuckle can be considered as an alternative therapy for cancer patients. Consuming a freshly made brew regularly can help rid the body of any free radicals. In fact, since this is a herb after all, such patients are likely to respond more favorably to any medical preparations made using the flowers or stem without suffering side-effects as opposed to conventional treatments like chemotherapy.

The Versatile Herb

Different parts of the Muicle plant can be consumed safely without fear of side-effects, although it is advised that pregnant women and mothers who are breast feeding refrain from using it unless on the advice of a medical practitioner. Mexican Honeysuckle can interfere with natural blood clotting. As a result, if a patient takes it while undergoing surgery, there is the possibility of higher rate of bleeding. High blood flow from cuts and wounds can be expected if a patient takes honeysuckle immediately after a surgery, as well. When if comes to such instances, consult your physician.

The fragrant leaves and flowers of the Mexican Honeysuckle can be brewed and enjoyed as a hot delicious Muicle tea. Syrups made from the flowers are very popular with children especially when they have a productive or phlegm filled cough. Mexican honeysuckle honey has a delicious taste to it and the scent of the flowers adds a sweet fragrance as well. Jelly can also be made from the Mexican honeysuckle flower and when both lemon juice and elderflower are added, you have a jelly that can be enjoyed straight from the jar or eaten with bread.

Luckily, you can easily bring some Muicle into your home with the help of Evergreen Herbs. Our online herbal shop makes bulk herbs accessible, without the hassle of having to hunt them down in-store near you. With so much wholesome goodness to offer, isn’t it time that the Muicle, or Mexican Honeysuckle, found a place in your home cupboard?

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