Toronjil - Balm

Toronjil - Balm

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Botanical Name

Melissa Officinalis

Common Names

Lemon balm, common balm, mint balm

What is Toronjil?

This perennial herb can be spotted growing in South Central Europe, North Africa and in Central Asia. The leaves have a refreshing lemon scent and this tree is a distant relative of the mint family. The natural lemony fragrance associated with the leaves makes this herb a common ingredient that is often used in medicines and in combination with other useful herbs. In fact, the leaves of the Lemon Balm tree were often used along with peppermint leaves to brew herbal tea.

Benefits of Toronjil

Today, we know that these leaves are so useful and can be used in a number of ways. For instance, if you have digestive problems, one of the best ways to cure the pain and discomfort naturally is by drinking a few cups of lemon balm herbal tea. It is also useful in treating bloating caused due to intestinal gas, colic pain in infants and in young children and can even help in curing nausea. Women who suffer from painful menstrual cramps every month only need to add Lemon Balm to their diet in order to get rid of the painful symptoms that usually affect two in five women all over the world. It may sound impossible to cure a headache or get rid of toothache just by consuming some Lemon Balm, but it has been proven to do both successfully. Insomnia can be a serious concern that often leaves people who suffer from it depressed, restless, hyper and tired most of the times. A few drops of lemon balm oil when dabbed onto a pillowcase or on the bedsheet itself, can relax the mind and senses thereby allowing the person to sleep better at night. This gentle extract can be applied directly to the skin to treat sores as well. Besides helping to treat the skin fast, it can also prevent repeated occurrences. The effectiveness of this herb in alleviating symptoms of stress in adults is rather interesting to observe. 600 mg of Lemon Balm when taken regularly has been shown to increase awareness and alertness in adults while simultaneously tackling any anxiety disorders too. Mental disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease affect hundreds of people all over the world and what’s rather promising to note is that direct intake of Lemon Balm for a minimum period of 4 months helps to reduce the symptoms associated with both disorders. In some cases, merely applying a lotion containing this very herb to the skin has shown quite similar results in calming people down and reducing overall agitation.

How to consume Toronjil

Lemon Balm can be taken directly but there are also chances of side-effects like nausea, wheezing and dizziness occurring in people who may be allergic to it. Direct application to the skin may similarly give rise to skin inflammation or to skin irritation on those people who have sensitive skin. There is a possibility that intake of Lemon Balm may interfere with the absorption of other medicines if patients are taking other oral treatments as well.