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cenizo, texas sage, mexican herbs, herbs
cenizo, texas sage, mexican herbs, herbs
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Texas Sage - Cenizo (8 oz.)

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Origin: Mexico

Scientific Name: Leucophyllum Futescens

Common Name: Texas Sage, Texas Ranger, Texas rain sage, cenizo, Texas silverleaf, Texas barometerbush, ash-bush, wild lilac, purple sage, senisa, cenizo, cenicilla, palo cenizo, or hierba del cenizo.

What is Texas sage:

Although not a true sage, Texas Sage is an evergreen shrub with soft, silver-gray leaves, native to Texas and Northern Mexico. Its flowers are bell-shaped with two lips and five lobes and are usually purple or pink. It’s not unusual to see these plants used as trim and hedges for decorative gardens in climates akin to Texas since they require very little water, can easily be shaped into hedges, and has a surface bloom of purple flowers that are pleasant to the eye.

How to consume Texas sage:

Most commonly used as tea infusing the dried leaves and flowers.