Botanical Name: Tamarix Dioica

Common Names: Tamarisk, Sea Cedar, Tamarin, Taray

What is Taray:

The Sea Cedar is an evergreen shrub that does not grow more than 15 meters in height. These trees tend to grow together in clumps and form thickets. It can be spotted by the long thin branches that have leaves which are a greyish- green color. As this plant grows older, the red-brown bark becomes a dark blue-purple shade. This shrub grows well in soil that is saline and alkaline in nature. Between March to September, pretty pink and white flowers can be spotted growing on this tree. The Salt Cedar grows well in the Middle East, in Asia and in various parts of Africa too. It is believed that

How to consume Taray:

Tamarisk should not be given to children to consume and even though this herb has been used for centuries to boost one’s health, there is not enough evidence to prove that this herb can be taken internally safely without the risk of side-effects. Pregnant women and lactating mothers should avoid taking this herb at all costs. Patients who are already taking other medication should avoid taking this herb for treating kidney ailments as well.  

Taray - Sea Cedar (8 oz.)

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