Botanical Name: Quassia Amara

Common Name: Bitterwood, Hombre Grande, Amargo, Bitter-ash, Cuasia 

What is quassia:

Quassia is a shrub and grows to around 3m with long, teardrop-shaped deep green leaves. Its long tropical flowers are bright red on the outside, white on the inside.

Benefits of quassia:

Native to many Latin American countries such as Brazil and Venezuela, Quassia’s bitter bark acts as a digestive aid, and it is used to relieve liver and gallbladder problems. The resin on its bark is also used as an effective insecticide because of its extreme bitterness. Again because of its particular bitterness, Quassia is considered one of the best stomach bitters which is a substantial aid to those suffering with anorexia or sluggish digestion.

How to consume quassia:

Teas, capsules, or tinctures, depending on what one is treating since the uses for Quassia are so broad.

Quassia Chips - Cuasia (8 oz.)

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