Scientific Name: Brickellia Grandiflora

Common Names: Prodigiosa, Prodijiosa, Bricklebush, Tasselflower, Dream Herb, Amula 


What is prodigiosa:

This bushy herb with dark green leaves on the upper side with a grey- purple hue on the underside grows anywhere between three to five feet in height. The flowers on this plant range from a pure white shade to a yellow shade and can be found growing in clusters. This perennial plant can be found blooming almost all through the year. Prodigiosa is often spoken about as being associated with the dark arts as it was used in voodoo as a part of the rituals. However, this herb is easy to cultivate and grows just as well in a plant pot too. Its high medicinal benefits shouldn’t be overlooked and by growing this herb in your backyard, you’re never too far from a fresh cup of herbal tea.

Benefits of prodigiosa:

Prodigiosa is a very bitter herb. You may think that is a negative thing, but when it comes to aiding digestion, bitter is better. When drank in a tea, the prodigiosa herb creates hydrochloric acid, which naturally supports many stomach issues. Below are some other benefits the prodigiosa herb has. 

  • supports healthy kidney function
  • helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • supports a healthy immune system¬†

How to consume prodigiosa herb:

A warm and rejuvenating tea can be made by brewing the leaves in warm water which can be safely drunk two to three times a day. The leaves are rather bitter in taste and that’s why it would be better to add a hint of sweetness with a spoon of honey. 

Prodigiosa - Brickellia Grandiflora

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