Pinguica Fruto - Mexican Uva Ursi

Pinguica Fruto - Mexican Uva Ursi

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Botanical Name

Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi

Common Names

Arberry, Arbousier, Arbousier Traînant, Arbutus uva-ursi, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, Bearberry, Beargrape, Bearsgrape, Bussserole, Common Bearberry

What is Pinguica Fruto?

The Uva Ursi is so called because bears are supposedly quite fond of this fruit and the literal meaning of its name is ‘bear’s grape’. The fruit of this particular plant resembles small berries and that is why it is also known as ‘Bearberry’ in English. This herb is native to Europe and a few parts of Asia although it is believed that the leaves of this plant were used in as early as the 2nd century. The Aztecs were quite familiar with this plant as well and used it to treat urinary tract disorders and the like. In fact, they often made a fresh herbal tea using the leaves and administered that to those suffering from respiratory conditions as well.

Benefits of Piguica Fruto

Even today, the leaves of the Uva Ursi are primarily used to treat a host of urinary tract disorders which include kidney infections as well as bladder infections. A tea made from the leaves is also a very effective internal calming agent for women who may be suffering from a urinary infection. It has also been found that women who regularly consume tea that contains both dandelion and Uva Ursi may be able to prevent the frequent occurrence of urinary tract infections. The prime component that helps to soothe internal inflammation is arbutin which when is expelled from the body while urinating, also helps to reduce irritation of the mucus membranes thus soothing it simultaneously. Uva Ursi has also been found to be very effective in treating constipation disorders as well as in curing bronchitis, in comparison with other over the counter medication. Children often suffer from bedwetting especially in the early years and this herb can be used in combination with peppermint and hops to cure this effectively. There is a possibility that this herb can also help women who are struggling to lose weight, to shed the pounds slowly but on the other hand, any actual weight loss may be due to a decrease in water retention levels. More studies need to be done in this regard.

How to consume Pinguica Fruto

Medical reports say that Uva Ursi should not be consumed for long term treatments and that the effects are best felt when used for a period not exceeding one month. There is a possibility that overdosing on this herb can result in nausea, stomach pain and even a discolouration of the urine. If the use is further continued, it may even cause liver damage, eye problems and in extreme cases, death. Studies have shown that this herb can start contractions in women and that is why it is not advisable for children either. It is best to use this herb only on the advice of a medical practitioner first. To enjoy the full benefits of this herb, the best way to drink it is by placing a few leaves in hot water and then drinking the brew on an empty stomach.