Piedra Alumbre - Alum Stone

Piedra Alumbre - Alum Stone

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Botanical Name

Piedre Alum

Common Names

Alum rock, Fitkari

What is Alum Stone?

Alum is one of those few compounds whose range of properties can be used across industries. Which other compound can dissolve steel entirely, be used safely on skin in the form of deodorants, purify water and even be found in commercial baking and cooking processes? If history is to be believed, then it was the Romans who used alum in a number of ways, although its prime use back then was solely to purify drinking water. Bakers in 18th century England were believed to have used alum in ample quantity to make their loaves of bread appear whiter and thus sell faster. Over the years, a lot of research has been conducted into better understanding how alum can be used safely for both internal and external purposes. In fact, you may already be using a variant of alum without realizing it because this flame retardant compound is also a favored ingredient in clay dough that children play with.

Benefits of Alum Stone

Since alum is available in blocks, a small part of it can be cut and powdered for further use. Alum works as a very effective mouth rinse solution and has been proven to be the best treatment for canker sores. Only a very small quantity of alum is needed for the same and it is advised that children do not use this powder because it can give a burning sensation on use. Tiny boils that are visible on the surface of the eye can be a painful episode to deal with. Alum, on the other hand has been found to heal such eye sores quickly. One of the best ways to apply this would be to dilute some alum powder with rose water or grind it to a paste with sandalwood. Petroleum jelly is widely used to soothe cracked heels all over the world, but alum powder has been found to have a similar kind of healing touch on the skin. We suggest using a few drops of olive or coconut oil with the powder as well. Alum works well as a hygiene product too. For example, did you know that alum is a wonderful after shave treatment that doesn’t dry out your skin the way most commercial products do? You can either wash off the powder or leave it just as it is on the skin. Moreover, the strong anti-bacterial properties that make even waste water re-usable on treatment with alum, work gently on the skin to rid it of any lingering germs. Not only will you smell good but you don’t have to worry about any long lasting skin damage either. Alum has many natural skin tightening properties and that’s why it can be used to smoothen out wrinkles with repeated use and which can also treat acne related skin problems well.

How to consume Alum Stone?

Alum can be purchased in small blocks. The best way to use it is to cut a small piece depending on the purpose of use and then powder it to a fine consistency. It should be diluted properly before being taken internally.