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Palo Tres Costillas - Supple Jack

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Botanical Name:

Serjania Triquetra

Common Name:

Supple Jack

What is Supple Jack?

Supple Jack is a species of climbing, flowering plant belonging to the family Sapindaceae. Native to Mexico, these plants thrive in warm to semi-warm temperate climates at an altitude of 1000 meters in deciduous and semi-deciduous tropical forests, cloud forests, and oak/pine forests.

Benefits of Supple Jack

Supple Jack has traditionally been used for problems associated with the kidneys, it has been used to medicate hepatitis, jaundice, and uterine bleeding. It has also been administered to those suffering from kidney and bladder stones, and works as a diuretic.

How to consume Supple Jack?

Typically dried stems and leaves are infused into a tea.