Malva - Marshmallow Leaves

Malva - Marshmallow Leaves

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Botanical Name:

Althea Officinalis

Common Name:

marsh-mallow, marsh mallow, common marshmallow

What are Marshmallow Leaves?

Marshmallow is not just the white fluffy candy treat passed around bonfires or plopped into your hot chocolate, it is also an herb with myriad holistic qualities. Marshmallow is a perennial plant native to Africa with short round leaves and small pale flowers.

Benefits of Marshmallow Leaves

Marshmallow tea is most commonly used to treat dry coughs and sore throats and acts as an anti-mucilage and antibacterial remedy which soothes inflamed membranes in the mouth and throat. It is equally useful for indigestion, heartburn, ulcers, and even Crohn’s disease. The extract from marshmallow can be added to creams to treat various skin irritations such as rashes and burns.

How to consume Marshmallow Leaves

The roots and leaves of marshmallow are used medicinally for teas, tinctures, oils, and capsules.