Botanical Name: Basella Alba

Common Name: Red Vine Spinach, Climbing Spinach, Creeping Spinach, Ceylon Spinach

What is Malavar?

This plant is a perennial vine which belongs to the Basellaceae family. It can be found growing well in continents like Asia and Africa where it is often consumed as a leaf vegetable. However, it can also be spotted growing in other places like Brazil, Colombia, in the West Indies and even in Fiji. Its dark green leaves can be found growing as a vine rather than as a bush and the texture is also slightly different in comparison with regular spinach. This leafy plant is often cooked before consumption and is renowned for its high medicinal properties.

How to consume Malavar: 

If you would like your cup of spinach to retain its original flavor and crunch, then we recommend lightly stir-frying it so that it doesn’t lose its texture. Spinach is such a versatile vegetable that it can be used in dishes that need to be baked and even added to a pasta made for the kids. In fact, pureed spinach can even be added to cake batter and then baked as cupcakes. We admit it’s rather sneaky but it’s also a clever way to get some iron into your child’s diet without much effort! Raw spinach leaves are best avoided although they can be used in combination with other ingredients to make an antioxidant rich smoothie which tastes good too. However, avoid overcooking the leaves as that could impact the water soluble vitamins found in spinach.

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Malavar - Malabar (8 oz.)

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