Scientific Name: Marrubium Vulgare 

Common Name: white horehound, common horehound, marrubio

What is horehound:

The horehound plant is a perennial herb that is often seen growing in open meadows and pastures, as well as in waste places, along railroad tracks and on roadsides in many parts of the coastal U.S., in Canada, as well as in Great Britain, France and Germany on the European continent. The horehound is characterized by the possession of a very tough and fiber rich rootstock that sends up many bushy, square shaped and down covered stems. The horehound has distinct shaped leaves, which tend to be wrinkled, have a rough texture on the top and are wooly textured on the underside of the lamina.

Benefits of horehound

Horehound is an ingredient often found in herbal lozenges and syrups used for the natural treatment of coughs. There’s a good reason why this herb is employed in these natural cough remedies. Horehound contains naturally occurring plant compounds called diterpenes. More specifically, its major active chemical compound is a diterpene called marrubiin. We can likely thank marrubiin for horehound’s expectorant ability. In other words, horehound can soothe cough sufferers to get rid of that nasty mucus that is clogging up their airways. 

How to make horehound tea: 

  1. Boil water 
  2. Place a teaspoon of horehound in you teapot
  3. Pour the boiling water on the horehound and let it steep for 5-10 minutes
  4. Strain it
  5. Let it cool down and enjoy!
Horehound (8 oz.)

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