Botanical Name: Cecropia Peltata

Common Names: Cecropia obtusifolia, Chancarro, Grayumbo, Guarumbo, Hormiguillo, Pop-a-gun, Snakewood Tree, Tree of Laziness, Trompeto, Trumpet Tree, Yagrumo

What is Guarumo:

Guarumbo is a species of flowering plant from the family of Urticaceae found in evergreen forests in Mexico and South America.

Benefits of Guarumo:

Guarumo is commonly used to support blood sugar levels for those who suffer from diabetes.Guarmo also supports blood pressure and kidney issues. It is also used to relieve scorpion bites, to help with burns (with guarumo oil), or treat skin conditions by bathing in an infusion. Bathing in an infusion of Guarumo acts as an analgesic (including body aches).

How to consume Guarumo:

An infusion of the leaves, twigs, bark, and root is either ingested or applied in packs to the stomach twice a day.

Guarumo (8 oz.)

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