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Gordolobo - Mexican Mullein Flowers
Gordolobo - Mexican Mullein Flowers
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Gordolobo (Mexican Mullein Flowers) - 4 oz.

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Botanical Name: Gnaphalium obtusifolium

Common Names: gordolobo, great mullein, common mullein 

What parts of Gordolobo is used?

The leaves, flowers and roots are all utilized and have been by Native Americans, the Zuni and other cultures for thousands of years.

Generally Prepared:

Gordolobo are most often infused as an herbal-floral oil or drank in tea form. 

The ratio is 1:3, Gordolobo to a fine grade oil such as Grapeseed, Jojoba or Olive oils.

Usually Prepared With:

Elder Flower, Minced Garlic,  Golden Root, Goldenseal Root and an oil such as Olive Oil.