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Frankincense - Copal

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What is Copal?

Copal is a highly aromatic plant resin that comes from the burser tree. This resin sprouts naturally forming small pellets that are used as incense. They also use their crusts and leaves to burn.



The basic use of copal is therapeutic aroma. The resin balls are placed on charcoal, which gives off an extremely pleasant aroma that has calming properties. It is used to purify environments, soothe people, induce magical dreams and clean charged environments. It balances the body and mind and provides lucidity, helping to improve the symptoms of anxiety and depression, as the aroma of this product opens the brain channels that improve these conditions. Studies conducted at universities in the United States have also shown that it lowers blood pressure, helps relieve migraines, improves sleep, awakens unleashes creativity and increases motivation.


Copal is also used in tea as an adjunct to respiratory infections and diseases because of its heat effects. Helps cure coughing, inflammation of bronchi and other respiratory diseases.