Botanical Name:

Magnolia Mexicana

Common Name:

Aguacote, tree heart, heart flower, magnolia, suchil, yolosochil

What is Magnolia Tree

This particular magnolia tree grows up to 30m high, the thick, leathery, leaves are bright green on the front and yellowish green on the back. Its white flowers are extremely large and showy, and grow singularly, not in clusters. This tree is native to Mexico and Guatemala for their extremely warm climates. While it is a wild plant, it is now cultivated as an ornamental tree, or harvested for medicinal purposes. 

Benefits of Magnolia Tree

The Mexican magnolia flower is recommended to treat various heart conditions, circulation problems, nervous problems, and fevers.

How to consume Magnolia Tree

The flower is usually distilled into a drink, most often combined with zesty herbs to lighten its flavor. It is distilled into alcohols, teas, or syrups

Flor De Yoloxochitl - Magnolia (8 oz.)

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