Flor De Tila - Tila Flowers

Flor De Tila - Tila Flowers

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Botanical Name:

Tila Cordata

Common Name:

small-leaved lime, littleleaf linden, small-leaved linden.

What are Tila Flowers?

Tila flowers come from a species of deciduous tree called Tila which is native to much of Europe. The tree grows up to 40 m with a trunk up to 1m in diameter, its crown oval-shaped. Tila flowers are yellow-green hermaphrodite flowers which bloom in the summer in clusters which emit a deep, round scent - a favorite among bees. Because of its lovely flowers, the Tila tree is often used as a decorative tree in gardens.

Benefits of Tila Flowers

Tila flowers are more commonly known as linden flowers and when dried they are a favorite among tea drinkers for their amazing calming effects. Any tea with the name ‘sleep’ on the label will likely contain linden flowers. As an herbal remedy, these flowers also treat respiratory problems, colds, fevers, and indigestion. Linden flower honey is also a highly prized for its wonderful taste and similar healing benefits as the flower.

How to consume Tila Flowers

Dried flowers are used in tea, either alone, or combined with other herbs for desired effect or taste.