Flor De Manita - Hand Flower Tree
Flor De Manita - Hand Flower Tree
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Flor De Manita - 4 oz.

$ 5.39

ORIGIN: Mexico

BOTANICAL NAME: Chiranthodendron Pentadactylon

COMMON NAMES: Hand flower tree, Mexican hand plant, Devil’s hand tree, Monkey hand tree


COMMON USES: Flor De Manita is widely used to assist the heart in regulation of blood pressure. The flower is commonly used to treat nervousness, epilepsy, headaches, insomnia, depression, dizziness, pain, inflammation, ulcers, eye inflammation, piles and as a stimulant for heart problems.

GENERALLY PREPARED: Flor De Manita is a popular herb generally prepared as a tea or tincture.

Certificates of Analysis

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Certificate of Analysis
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