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Estafiate - Mugwort

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Common Name:

Mexican Mugwort

What is Mugwort?

Sounding like something from a Harry Potter novel, Mugwort appropriately grows in the British Isles. It is a dark green, leafy herb with purple stalks, with small red or yellow flowers, and it grows around 3ft tall.Closely allied with Wormwood, Mugwort can be identified by the underside of its leaves which are white-ish. An interesting fact: before hops was the main constituent that flavoured beer, Mugwort was the main flavour used in beer, hence its name.

Benefits of Mugwort

Mugwort stimulates or increases menstrual flow, calms the nerves (traditionally it was used to help reduce seizures), and works as a diuretic. Mugwort is also used medicinally in many asian countries for their anti-herpetic effect, but it is more commonly used to flavour dishes. Win-win! Additionally, it has a long history in many different indigenous traditions wherein the effects of Mugwort center around sleep and the spirit world; it is said in these traditions that the it can cause lucid dreaming, it can keep one from dreaming about the dead, and it is used as general psychic protection against the evils of the spirit realms.

How to consume Mugwort

Mugwort is usually ingested as an infusion.