Botanical Name: Artemisia vulgaris
Origin: Mexico 

Step into the world of traditional herbalism with our premium Mugwort Herb, sourced from the finest Artemisia vulgaris plants around the globe. Known for its rich history in folklore and herbal medicine, Mugwort is celebrated for its versatile uses and benefits. This aromatic herb is perfect for those seeking to explore its reputed effects on dreaming, as well as its digestive and calming properties.


  • Supports healthy digestion 
  • May reduce stress and anxiety 
  • May ease menstrual discomfort and regulate the menstrual cycle
  • Often used in practices like dream pillows or teas before bedtime, Mugwort is believed to enhance dream vividness and recall.

Evergreen's Recommendations

  • Mugwort should be used with caution, especially by pregnant or nursing women, as it can stimulate the uterus.

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Mugwort (Estafiate)

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