Epazote de comer, wormseed

Epazote De Comer - Wormseed

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Botanical Name:

Chenepodium Ambrosioides

Common Name:  

wormseed, Jesuit's tea, Mexican-tea, payqu (paico),epazote, or herba sancti Mariæ.

What is Epazote?

Native to Central America, Southern Mexico, and South America, Mexican Tea is a small annual herb with irregularly spiked green leaves and flowers. One of the common names in Spanish, epazote, translates to “skunk sweat” denoting the herb’s pungent odor, akin to oregano or tarragon, but stronger still, to the extent its smell has been described to be like turpentine with citrusy and minty undertones. It is used most commonly to flavour black beans and other more traditional spanish dishes. One can pick up its flavour easily if they are familiar with the particular taste of green salsa.

Benefits of Epazote

In many countries, Mexican Tea is used to treat many types of intestinal parasites  in both humans and animals. It functions by paralyzing parasites, and then a strong laxative is taken to expel them afterward for expulsion. However, because Mexican Tea can become toxic in high doses (not far off from the dosage needed to expel worms in a grown human), it is now most commonly use to flavour dishes.

How to consume Epazote

Mexican tea is used to flavour many types of dishes in the Spanish and Mexican style, and sometimes the distilled oil is used to treat intestinal worms.