Cornsilk Powder (Pelo De Elote en Polvo)

Cornsilk Powder - Pelo De Elote en Polvo

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Scientific Name:

Zea mays

What is cornsilk?

Maize belongs to the grass species. It originated in Mexico and was introduced to Europe and the rest of the world. Its cycle is annual, its stem is fibrous and its flowers are similar to ears of gold color. Its hours are long and extremely rough, and its fruit is known as cob. It has a long body covered by yellow teeth, wrapped in a dense layer of green leaves. The plant grows from one to two meters high.

Medicinal uses of cornsilk

Urinary system

The elote hair has high diuretic properties. It also helps fight urinary tract irritation in infections such as cystitis or skinitis, and helps patients who suffer from fluid retention. Helps remove kidney stones and reduce their formation.


Thanks to its detoxifying properties it diminishes the pains and discomforts of inflammatory diseases like arthritis or rheumatism.

Circulatory system

The flavonoids contained in the elote help me to lower high blood pressure levels, thus regulating blood pressure and sugar levels, helping diabetic patients improve their quality of life.

How to use cornsilk

The part of the corn that is used for these treatments is the hair of elote, which is developed in the part superior of the fruit. It consists of a series of golden fibers that can be used fresh, dried to make infusions and powder form.