Botanical Name: Equisetum L. 
Origin: Mexico

Harness the ancient benefits of Horsetail, a plant known for its rich silica content and widespread use in traditional medicine. Our Horsetail Capsules offer a concentrated dose of this beneficial herb, with each capsule delivering 450 mg of pure Horsetail extract. Ideal for those looking to strengthen their hair, skin, nails, and bones naturally, Horsetail has been utilized for centuries across various cultures for its mineral-rich properties.


  • Supports bone strengthening and development due to its high silica content.
  • Promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails, enhancing texture and resilience.
  • Supports detoxification and water retention issues, supporting kidney and urinary health.
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Horsetail Capsules (Capsulas De Cola De Caballo) - 90 Capsules - 450 mg.

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