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Chaparro Amargo - Castela

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Scientific Name 

Castile texana L.

What is Chaparro Amargo?

There are 11 different species known, of which 4 are from Mexico. It grows in semi-desert areas of Mexico and the United States. It is a shrub of few leaves, fibrous trunk and thorns that grows up to two meters in height. It gives a small reddish flower, small, and the fruit is small, round and red.

Medicinal Uses


Its main uses help the digestive system in several ways. It is an excellent antidiarrheal, prevents spasms and colic, besides being a fantastic anti desparasitante, especially in what concerns the amoebas and other protozoa.

It also helps to prevent tooth decay and is good for treating lesions and gum disease.

In babies it is administered, very low, to help the reflux. Its anti-mutagenic properties help prevent cancer, protect the liver because of its high anti oxidant content and also combat triomonas

How to use chaparro amargo?

Of the plant of the bitter chaparro the trunk is used, that is prepared in tea or infusion. It can also be made into powder for capsules.