Botanical Name: Ocimum basilicum
Origin: Mexico

Dried Basil Leaf brings the aromatic essence of fresh basil to your kitchen in a convenient, preserved form. Known for its vibrant flavor and versatility in cooking, basil is not just a culinary staple but also appreciated for its presence in traditional wellness practices around the globe.

Dried Basil Leaf is more than just an herb for cooking; it’s a bridge to exploring flavors and traditions from around the world, inviting a touch of global heritage into your daily meals and wellness practices.


  • Adds a fragrant, sweet flavor to dishes, enhancing culinary creations
  • Supports healthy digestion 
  • Used in tea blends for its soothing aroma and pleasant taste
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Contains vitamins and minerals
Qty available: 100
Basil (Albahaca)

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