Alcachofa en Polvo  (Artichoke Powder)

Artichoke Powder - Cynara Scolymus

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Scientific Name: Cynara Scolymus

Comon Names: Globe artichoke


What is artichoke:

Just by looking at an artichoke you may be a little intimidated. It has a thorny exterior that grows about 3 feet tall. Touching it might draw blood, but when you peel all those layers the Artichoke plant is a great addition to your everyday diet. 

Parts of artichoke that contain nutritional value:

The edible purple buds of the Artichoke plant are packed with antioxidants. Artichoke is also a great source of dietary fibers, vitamin C and folate. 

How artichoke powder is used:

Artichoke Powder can be pretty much added to anything. You can put it in cookies, smoothies, muffins, coffee or pretty much any beverage. Artichoke can also be consumed in a capsule form.