Gentian Powder - 8 oz.
Gentian Powder - 8 oz.
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Gentian Powder - 8 oz.

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Botanical Name: Gentiana lutea

Common Names: bitter root, bitterwort, gall weed, gelber enzian, genciana, yellow gentiane, qinjiao, wild gentian

What parts of gentian root are used?

The entire mature root is used mostly dried in teas, bitters, tonics and tinctures.

How do you identify gentian root and where is it grown?

With over 1000 species known to exist, this root is found all over the world except in Antarctica. It is found in both deserts and in wet, forested areas in Europe, the Alps, the Balkans and other areas. The Gentian herb takes anywhere from seven to ten years to mature in the ground. When it does, its size is substantial, and a little bit goes a long way. It dates back to ancient Romans and Greeks who used this root in herbal medicines.