Aloe Vera Powder (Sabila en Polvo)

Aloe Vera Powder - Sabila En Polvo

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What is Aloe Vera?

It is a cacti-like plant with very thick leaves of juicy and soft flesh. The edges of the leaves have hard and large spines. It blooms in spring, is native to Africa, especially the south, but now abounds in warm climates, especially in the United States, Mexico and Japan.



The gel that comes from the aloe is an excellent cicatrizante. It clears stains and scars and is effective relieving burns and scrapes. It also speeds up the healing process and relieves pruritus and itching. It is also effective against mosquito bites.


Aloe vera gel is also useful for combating gastritis, acidosis and other digestive problems such as constipation and colitis. Smoothes and covers the walls of the stomach and speeds digestion by its high fiber content. It also has purgative or laxative functions:

How to use aloe vera

For external use, spread the aloe in the place of the wound. For digestive use aloe vera can be drank in a smoothie. Making pastes with aloe powder can be very effective for your skin.