Aloe Vera Powder - 8 oz.
Aloe Vera Powder - 8 oz.
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Aloe Vera Powder - 8 oz.

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Botanical Name: Aloe Vera 

Common Names: Chinese aloe, aloe latex, burn aloe, first-aid plant, miracle plant, Acíbar, Flor do deserto, lináloe (and the list goes on!)

What parts of the aloe vera plant are used?

The complete leaf, minus the spiky edges is edible.

  • Aloe vera skin - has a mild flavor and crunchy texture. It can be a unique addition to salads or can be dipped in salsa or hummus.
  • Aloe vera gel - edible and often applied to the skin. Renowned for its health benefits.
  • Aloe vera latex - thin layer of yellow liquid between the skin and the gel of the leaf is edible for medicinal purposes.

How do you identify aloe vera and where is it grown?

Aloe vera is a short-stemmed, cacti-like shrub that is native to the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, India, Mexico, the United States and other hot, dry climates worldwide. It has very thick leaves consisting of juicy and soft flesh and is sometimes described as a “wonder plant.”

Ancient Egyptians dating back 6000 years believed it to be a sacred plant which held the secrets to eternal beauty and immortality. Its pea-green or gray-green upper leafs typically grow to be 18-36 inches long. Aloe veras are sometimes flecked with white and tend to flower in spring, but may bloom sporadically throughout the year.

Does aloe vera smell bad?

Google this question and you’ll have no shortage of results! From “smells like onions” to “Is this supposed to smell like fried chicken?” Many describe the smell of fresh aloe vera as foul. 

Thankfully our aloe vera powder has only a faint herbal powder, so you get all the amazing benefits without having to plug your nose!

Generally prepared:

Whole Aloe Vera is generally prepared by cutting into smaller pieces then adding to beverages such as teas, smoothies, fruit or vegetable juices.  Generally one-half cup of chopped pieces is added to a pitcher of water or other fluid.

Usually Paired With:

Whole Aloe Vera is commonly combined with ginger powder, peppermint leaf or spearmint leaf and honey for internal use.  Other fruits that are enjoyed in combination with Aloe Vera include Mango, Papaya and Pineapple. 

Sample Aloe Vera Beverage Recipes:

Aloe Vera Lemonade 

Cool down and rehydrate with this refreshing Aloe Vera drink!

Add one-half cup of Aloe Vera pieces into a pitcher of water with slices of lemon, lime and honey.  Garnish with flowers from the garden.

Aloe Hibiscus Iced Tea

Cut one half cup of Aloe Vera pieces.

Steep a handful of dried Hibiscus flowers in one cup of hot water for 5-10 minutes.

Pour the tea into a pitcher of cold water, add Aloe Vera mix and stir.

Add ice and garnish with red grapefruit.

Certificates of Analysis

At Evergreen Herbs, we take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality herbs possible. We send samples of every received herb to a 3rd party certified lab. At the lab, they test each sample for Heavy Metals like Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, and more. The lab also tests for Microbiology trespassers like Salmonella, Ecoli, Aerobic Plate Count, Staphylococcus Aureus, Yeast, Mold, Enterobacteriaceae, and more. 

Certificate of Analysis
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