Botanical Name: Foeniculum vulgare
Origin: Europe 

Introduce the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of our Premium Fennel Seed into your daily wellness routine. Harvested from the fertile fields of the Mediterranean, fennel seeds have been a staple in culinary and medicinal practices for centuries. Known for their distinctive sweet, anise-like flavor and a wide range of health benefits, these seeds are ideal for those seeking natural digestive aid and overall well-being enhancement.


  • Fennel seeds are renowned for their ability to promote healthy digestion and alleviate common digestive discomforts like bloating and gas.
  • The seeds contain compounds that may help reduce inflammation, providing relief for various conditions.
  • Support women's health 
  • Fennel seeds may be beneficial for respiratory health, often used in herbal blends to soothe coughs and clear congestion.
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Fennel Seed (Semilla De Hinojo)

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