Botanical Name: Selaginella lepidophylla
Origin: Mexico 

Embrace the resilience and beauty of the Doradilla, also known as the Jericho Flower. Native to the arid landscapes of Mexico and the southwestern United States, this unique desert plant is renowned for its remarkable ability to revive and bloom even after being dried. Our Doradilla offers a touch of desert magic and tradition, perfect for those seeking a symbol of rebirth and natural perseverance in their home or office.

Health Benefits

  • Often used in meditation and relaxation practices, the Jericho Flower is believed to help reduce stress and foster a calming environment.
  • When hydrated, Doradilla is thought to help cleanse the air, adding a refreshing element to your space.
  • Adds a unique and natural decorative element to any setting, enhancing the aesthetic appeal with its unusual and intriguing appearance.
  • Represents resilience and rebirth, making it a meaningful gift for various occasions, particularly those involving new beginnings or recovery.
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Doradilla (Jericho Flowers)

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