Botanical Name: Senna alexandrina
Origin: Mexico 

Introduce the natural benefits of Senna Leaf into your wellness routine. Harvested from the Senna plant native to Mexico, Senna Leaf has been used for centuries in traditional herbal medicine primarily for its effective natural laxative properties. Ideal for those seeking gentle relief from occasional constipation, our Senna Leaf promotes regularity and digestive health.


  • Supports healthy digestive function 
  • May help cleanse the colon and eliminate toxins, supporting overall digestive health.
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties
  • Weight Management: By aiding detoxification and promoting regular bowel movements, Senna Leaf can be a supportive part of a weight management routine.

Evergreen's Recommendations
Senna Leaf should be used cautiously and not for extended periods

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Senna Leaf (Hoja Sen)

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