Botanical Name: Magnolia Mexicana

Common Names: aguacote, tree heart, heart flower, magnolia, suchil, yolosochil

What parts of Magnolia are used?

The flower petals are typically distilled into a drink—including alcohol and teas as well as syrups—most often combined with zesty herbs to lighten its flavor. The leaves and bark are also used to yield extracts.

How do you identify magnolia and where is it grown?

This particular heart flower grows up to 30 meters high. The thick, leathery leaves are bright green on the front and yellowish-green on the back. Its white flowers are the show stoppers. They are large, stunning, singular flowers. This tree is native to Mexico and Guatemala as it likes warm climates. While it is a wild plant, it is now cultivated as an ornamental tree, or harvested for medicinal purposes. 

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Flor De Yoloxochitl (Magnolia) - 8 oz.

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