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Fenugreko - Fenugreek
Fenugreko - Fenugreek
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Fenugreek - 8 oz.

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Botanical Name: Trigonella foenum-graecum

Common Names: Greek hay, Greek clover, 1 methi, medhika, hu lu ba 

What parts of fenugreek are used?

Both leaves and seeds are used. The leaves can be cooked like spinach, or infused in salads, and the seeds can be processed as powder or pasta.

How do you identify fenugreek and where is it grown?

Fenugreek belongs to the group of legumes, along with chickpeas and lentils. It is an annual herb and is most readily identifiable by its light green, clover-like leaves and light yellow flowers. It produces pods, similar to pea plants that contain the ripe fruit which produces the fenugreek seeds. It is found in India, Mediterranean countries, Southeastern Europe and West Asia amongst other places.

A staple of Indian food

Dried leaves are added to curry and oftentimes, the powdered and ground seeds are added to all kinds of food and other products such as cosmetics and tobacco.