Botanical Name: Artemisia Vulgaris

Common Names: Mexican mugwort, cronewort

What parts of mugwort are used?

The leaves, flowers and roots are all utilized. Leaves are eaten both raw or cooked.

How do you identify mugwort and where is it grown?

Sounding like something from a Harry Potter novel, mugwort appropriately grows in the British Isles, other parts of Europe, Asia and much of the world. It is a dark green, leafy herb with small reddish or greenish-yellow flowers and white undersides of its leaves. It typically grows between 3 and 6 feet tall and has a pretty purple stem. It can grow in a wide variety of conditions from mountainous regions to warm, temperate areas.

An interesting fact

Before hops were the main constituent that flavored beer, mugwort was utilized, hence its name. It is still enjoyed by many around the world today in home brews.

Generally Prepared:

Mugwort is a traditional herb that is prepared in a wide range of creative ways such as dream pillows, flower essences, incenses, infused oils, smudging mixes, teas and tinctures.

The tea is generally prepared by adding 2 teaspoons of the cut plant matter with 8 ounces of hot water. 

Usually Prepared With:

Mugwort is commonly combined with gentle herbs such as Chamomile, Hops and Lavender in Dream Pillows. 

It may also be prepared as a single tea or create a tincture with Black Walnut Hull, Sage, Tansy and Wormwood--which are very strong herbs.

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