Botanical Name: Crataegus Punctata

Common Names: white hawthorn, May flower, May tree

What parts of espino blanco are used?

Nearly all the parts of the white hawthorn tree are used including the flowers, leaves and berries. The flowers, in particular, have a mild sedative effect and its health benefits are best enjoyed when brewed as an herbal tea. It’s the perfect drink to have just before you retire for the night and can even be considered nature’s natural sedative.

How do you identify espino blanco and where is it grown?

The White Hawthorn tree is native to regions in Europe, Asia and North America in temperate climates. This tree can be identified by the attractive white flowers that grow on it, as well as by the small berry called ‘haw’ which resembles the stone found in peaches and plums. There are believed to be more than 1000 species of the White Hawthorn tree, with the first May tree dating all the way back to 6000 BC. 

An herb of legends

Probably no other tree has surfaced time and again in many ceremonies and legends in Europe such as the White Hawthorn tree. According to the Celtics—who considered the tree sacred—the Hawthorn itself was a symbol of fertility and sexuality. Many weddings during that period were usually conducted when the White Hawthorn tree was in full bloom. In Christianity too, the delicate flowers of the tree have an important symbolism. They are associated with the Virgin Mary and if folklore is to be believed—then the wood used to make the cross on which Christ was crucified—came from the Espino Blanco.

Generally Prepared:

This species of Hawthorn is generally prepared in numerous manners including teas, tinctures, flower essences, syrups and confections.  

This herb is most commonly prepared in powder form at 500mg per capsule.

The tea is prepared with two tablespoons per eight ounces of water.

Usually Prepared With:

A wide variety of herbs are selected to be combined with Espino Blanco, from Motherwort to Cayenne and Garlic.

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