Scientific Name

Annona muricata

Soursop is a typical fruit of Central America. It grows in warm regions. It is a leafy tree with a rough leaf and large, green, peel fruits with protuberances. Its flesh is soft and sweet, and between them it protects the seeds.



The ingredients of the leaves and seeds of the guan√°bana contain a wide variety of acetogenias, whose properties may fight several types of cancer, among them the one of prostate, mother and pancreas. Inhibits the process responsible for potentially nourishing cancer cells, which may help with cancerous tumors:


The leaf of this tree is known for its protective property of the liver, helping in the treatment of diseases such as jaundice and fatty liver and reduces levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Helps digestion and improve cases of constipation. It reduces the concentration of sugar in the blood, for which it is recommended to diabetic patients. It helps the elimination of intestinal parasites.


Because of its anti-bacterial properties, it is used in diseases such as herpes and malaria. It also fights urinary and respiratory infections such as bronchitis, colds and flu.


Its greatest medicinal properties are found in the leaves and seeds, which can be consumed already dried, in infusions or capsules. The fruit that, although it contains less beneficial properties, is rich in vitamins, of sweet and refreshing flavor, it can be consumed in its natural state.

Guanabana - Graviola, Soursop - 450 mg - 90 Capusles

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