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Flor De Tila - Tila Flowers
Flor De Tila - Tila Flowers
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Flor De Tila (Tila Flowers) - 8 oz.

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Botanical Name: Tilia cordata Mill

Common Names: lime tree, Arbol de tila, flor de tila,tilo, yaca, European linden, basswood, lime flower

What parts of linden flowers are used?

The flowers, leaves, and inner bark are used. Leaves are used both dried and fresh.

How do you identify linden flowers and where is it grown?

This deciduous grows quite tall, from 65-130 feet. They have a distinctive pyramid shape to them when they are younger, but will mature to a fuller, rounder shape. They have 6 inch, heart-shaped leaves and light yellow, five-petaled flowers that give off a sweet fragrance, beloved by bees. Lime trees bears tiny fruit that are attached to the tree by light green bracts. They are found in North America, Europe and Asia.

Polish name for the month of July

The linden tree is called Lipa in Polish, which is very similar to their word for the month of July: Lipiec. Because lipa trees were considered sacred by Polish culture, and they bloom in July, that’s most likely where the word Lipiec came from. This majestic tree was admired for its divine power and was a symbol of victory.