Botanical Name: Pfaffia paniculata 

Common Names: Brazilian ginseng, pfaffia, gomphrena paniculata

How is suma root utilized?

People consume ginseng whole, sliced or as a powder in recipes for added flavor.

How do you identify suma root and where is it grown?

Ginseng is a large, shrubby vine found in the Amazon region and other tropical regions of Latin America and in the mountains of Korea and Northern China. It has a sweet yet slightly bitter taste that some compare to vanilla. 

Lottery to harvest ginseng?

Coveted in Asia for centuries, a recent surge in popularity in ginseng in the United States have prompted officials in North Carolina to create a lottery for the opportunity to legally forage for this herb in two national forests. Experts site incredible demand for Suma root to be shipped to Asia where it is in short supply. It can currently be harvested in 19 states in the United States. Only plants 5-years-old or more can be harvested and harvesters should replant seeds in the spots from which they uproot the herbal root.

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