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Palo Guaco Powder (8 oz.)
Palo Guaco Powder (8 oz.)
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Palo Guaco Powder (8 oz.)

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Common Names: Guaco, bitter vine, Climbing hemp vine, snake vine, snake herb

What parts of Palo Guaco are used?

The leaves, stems and roots of the quaco plants are used.

How do you identify Palo Guaco and where is it grown?

With heart-shaped leaves, this shrubby vine was beloved by Native Americans who believed it cured people bitten by poisonous snakes. It has yellow-white flowers and is found growing in Central America, South America, Mexico and in the West Indies. With hundreds of existing species, it is common to see them growing wild.

Snake Herb?

It is no surprise the American Indians called this plant “snake vine” or “snake herb” since they used it to treat poisonous snake bites. Not only did they use it as a treatment for snake bites, however, they also used it to prevent bites. When crushed, the leaves give off a spicy scent. American Indians would scatter these aromatic leaves around their sleeping areas to keep snakes away.

Generally Prepared:

Palo Guaco is generally prepared in forms or applications of beverages, capsules and teas.

It is common to prepare Palo Guaco powder in 400-600mg capsules.

Usually prepared with:

Palo Guaco is prepared traditionally in water with honey or sugar and in contemporary Herbalism it is often combined with herbs such as Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger and Turmeric.