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Oregon Grape Powder (8 oz.)
Oregon Grape Powder (8 oz.)
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Oregon Grape Powder (8 oz.)

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Botanical Name: Mahonia aquifolium

Common Names: barberry, Blue Barberry, Creeping Barberry, Holly Barberry, Mahonie, Mountain-Grape

What parts of Oregon Grape are used?

The root, rhizome, root bark and berries of the plant are used.

How do you identify Oregon Grape and where is it grown?

Barberry is an evergreen shrub with shiny leaves that sprout a bronzy red color and turn to publish colors in the winter. It grows to about 3 feet tall and has beautiful, dense clusters of yellow flowers that are often mistaken for holly. Mountain grape is found in Asia, Central and North America. It is the state flower of Oregon in the United States where it is a popular landscaping choice.

It’s often found along roadways and in dry, rocky terrain, where deer and birds are attracted to its deep blueberries. They resemble grapes but have a tart taste all their own.