Gordolobo - Mexican Mullein Flowers

Mullein Flowers - Verbascum Thapsus

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Botanical Name: Verbascum Thapsus 

Common Names: Gordolobo, great mullein, common mullein 

What are Mullein Flowers?

Native to Europe but now grown in the Americas, Australia, Asia and Northern Africa, Verbascum thapsus is a species of biennial mullein that can grow at least 2 meters tall with small yellow flowers which are grouped on a tall stem. It is considered a common weed which spreads prolifically though not aggressively. Historically the plant was used to make dyes and torches.

Benefits of Mullein Flowers

Mexican Mullein flowers have remarkable emollient and astringent properties, which are especially prescribed for coughs and respiratory problems, but are also used topically for a variety of skin problems such as rashes and burns. Native American peoples used to smoke the leaves to help cure pulmonary ailments, and the Zuni people would apply a paste made out of the powdered root to any skin disruption or sore, and to this day infusions of the flower’s root are used to treat athlete’s foot. Oil from the flowers are used to treat earaches, frostbite, eczema and other skin disturbances such as warts, boils, carbuncles, hemorrhoids, and others. Compounds found in the flowers have been proven to work as an effective bactericide.

How to consume Mullein Flowers

Mexican Mullein Flowers are often prepared as soothing leaf tea or as an ear oil.