Hoja De Aguacate - Avocado Leaf

Hoja De Aguacate - Avocado Leaf

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Scientific Name:

Persea americana L

What is Hoja De Aguacate?

Avocado is a rough, dark green, evergreen leaf tree. It is native to Central America. It can measure up to 20 meters in height. Its flower is white, of small size, and its fruit is of pear form with a rough skin. It is used in the daily food of the region.

Additional Uses 

Digestive System:

Its leaves are used to treat acidity, gastritis and even ulcers. It also works as an analgesic for cramps and spasms of the digestive system. In suitable doses, it acts as broad-spectrum de-wormer.


The softness of avocado and its high content of emollients and fats helps to combat dryness on both the skin and the scalp. Improves dermatitis, eczema and pruritus. Its high content of vitamin D softens the skin and diminishes spots, pimples and scabs caused by psoriasis and lupus. It is also effective against burns, scratches and parched and cracked skin.

Circulatory System:

It improves cholesterol levels, thus preventing diseases or heart disease. Its high contents of lecithin and omega 9 prevent cerebral hemorrhages and help to better metabolize the fats, contributing to the loss of weight.


Dry or fresh leaves are used to make infusions. The fruit is used to make masks and plasters for external use and the seed can be used to season food.