Botanical Name: Nepeta cataria
Origin: Originally from Europe and Asia, now found globally

Catnip Powder is finely ground from the leaves of the Nepeta cataria plant, belonging to the mint family. Renowned for its pleasant aroma and long-standing use in traditional herbal practices, catnip has crossed the boundaries of cultures and continents. This versatile herb, in its powdered form, is ready to be integrated into your wellness and relaxation routines.

Explore the natural charm and heritage of Catnip Powder, a simple addition to your day that harks back to ancient, holistic practices for mind and body.


  • Commonly used to prepare herbal teas known for their soothing qualities
  • Included in wellness practices for its calming properties, aiding relaxation
  • Applied in homemade cosmetic recipes for its naturally gentle scent and qualities
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Catnip Powder (Polvo De Hierba Gatera)

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