Canafistula - Cassia Fistula

Canafistula - Cassia Fistula

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Botanical Name: Cassia Fistula 

Common Names: Purging fistula, Golden Shower Tree, Laburrnum


What is canafistula:

Canafistula is a is a tree that can grow up to 9 meters tall. The canafistula tree sprouts a yellowish-golden flowers that eventually fall off. When the flowers fall from the tree it mimics a shower, which is why the canafistula tree is nicknamed "golden shower tree". Once the flowers have fallen the canafistula tree has bare, long, dark brown circular rods that have seed pods inside.  

Benefits of canafistula:

Canafistula has been widely planted as a handsome ornamental tree, and reported as a firewood source in Mexico. The drug "cassia fistula", a mild laxative, is obtained from the sweetish pulp around the seed. The plants are reportedly used in folk remedies for tumors of the abdomen, glands, liver, stomach, and throat. Pharmacological studies have demonstrated that canafistula possesses significant antimicrobial activities and properties, supporting such folkloric use in disease treatment and traditional medicines (Kumar et al., 2006).

How to consume canafistula:

The leaves, bark, roots, flowers, and fruits of this tree are all used in different ways to make various homeopathic pastes for topical wounds or to ingest when needed. Depending on your ailment, the canafistula is prepared differently, so seek advice from a trained homeopathic practitioner before consuming.