Cana Fistula - Purging Fistula

Cana Fistula - Purging Fistula

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Botanical Name:

Cassia Fistula

Common Name:

Purging fistula, Golden Shower Tree, Laburrnum.

What is Cana Fistula?

The purging shower tree is native to India where it is the state of Kerala’s official flower, and to India’s nearer regions in Southeast Asia such as Thailand where it is the national tree and flower. As its common name suggests, this tree is recognized by it’s stunning long bunches of bright yellow pendulous flowers, indeed looking like a shower of gold. The tree blooms profusely, with almost no leaves to be seen every spring due to the abundance of blooming flowers. Its leaves are deciduous, the tree grows to medium height, and its wood is prized for its quality and strength.

Benefits of Cana Fistula:

Purging fistula is most commonly used for skin issues such as acne, blisters, burns, and insect bites though it is also used to treat a range of other issues such as constipation, stomach aches, flatulence, anemia, joint pain, colds and fevers. In Ayurvedic medicine, the is known as aragvadha, which means “disease killer.”

How to consume Cana Fistula:

The leaves, bark, roots, flowers, and fruits of this tree are all used in different ways to make various homeopathic pastes for topical wounds or to ingest when needed. Depending on your ailment, the Purging fistula is prepared differently, so seek advice from a trained homeopathic practitioner before consuming.