Azufre - Sulfur

Azufre - Sulfur

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What is Sulfer?

Sulfur, a non-toxic element, originates from outer space where it is initially created inside massive stars. It is often found in many types of meteorites, even lending itself to the distinctive colour of Jupiter’s moons! On Spaceship Earth, sulfur is found in large quantities near hot springs and volcanos. While known for its bright yellow hue and very, shall we say, particular smell, Sulfur is a naturally-occurring mineral essential to the health of all life on earth. and when used for human consumption, it is found in the forms of organosulfur compounds which contain three amino acids (cysteine, cystine, and methionine) and the vitamins biotin and thiamine. Though humans can derive sulfur from many fruits, vegetables, and sea algaes, it is believed that most of us suffer from a severe lack of this essential mineral in our bodies due to an increase of processed and cooked foods.

Benefits of Sulfer:

Organic sulfur (often sold as MSM or Methylsufonylmethane) is most often produced in a white crystallized form and provides an incredibly diverse spectrum of essential health benefits including cell oxygenation, detoxification, alkalizing the blood, detoxifying the body, and relieving pain. The healing benefits of a daily intake of sulfur are extremely numerous, but it is most known for its reducing inflammation and easing joint pain, providing liver support, and treating acne and skin conditions. The extended list is long indeed, but other benefits include pain relief (both acute and chronic), increasing the body’s enzyme production within the glands which helps prevent illness, increased blood circulation, healthy hair and nail support, balancing blood sugar, ridding the body of parasites, reducing the symptoms of PMS, and reducing water retention that is due to weakened kydneys

How to consume sulfer:

Sulphur is consumed in various ways, but most often it is dissolved in water (one teaspoon in one cup of water) and taken twice a day.